About us


Fortune Holdings is a United Arab Emirates corporation with roots tracing back to 2013. Our head office is located in the Dubai area and we are active across Middle East and Asia. Our organization comprises of highly experienced, dedicated finance professionals and we pride ourselves in our reputation for providing efficient, competent and confidential service. We offer a diverse portfolio of financing products to help businesses grow and succeed.


August 2013 – Fortune Holdings is a private commercial financing corporation formed to primarily lend to middle-market corporations.

August 2013 to Current – Fortune Holdings evaluated over 200 investment opportunities across the capital structure and in a number of industries. A majority of these opportunities were in growing middle-market corporations that were unable to receive traditional financial support for their working capital. The scarcity of working capital led such corporations to having expensive growth capital. As investors and managers, Fortune Holdings, helped these good corporations realize their true potential by providing access to proper working capital solutions and business support. Fortune Holdings have also build a successful network of working partners globally to diversify their portfolio and expand the corporation.


Our mission is to be the premier one stop comprehensive commercial finance corporation of choice to middle-market corporations, with a core focus on credit solutions and to be admired in the industry for our dedication and integrity.

We believe trust is the foundation of a relationship, and we want to not only earn our clients’ trust, but to keep it. We will nurture dedicated and creative professionals who will strive to deliver perfect solutions, service and create value for our clients.